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 Test Your Knowledge

1) How often must owners of multiple dwellings (consisting of three or more units) register their buildings with HPD?

a) Annually

b) Never

c) Every three years

d) When ownership changes

2) A property is Rent Stabilized if it has how many units?

a) 3 or more

b) Over 10

c) Six or more

d) 5

3) Heating season in New York City runs from?

a) November 1st to April 15th

b) October 1st to May 31st

c) October 15th to April 1st

d) November 1st to May 1st

4) What is the minimum temperature you must maintain in the public areas of your building during the heating season?

a) 68 degrees

b) 55 degrees

c) 40 degrees

d) None

5) What is LL62/91?

a) DHCR form for Decontrol

b) Landlord Law regarding eviction of Section 8 tenants

c) NYC Local Law requiring Landlords to have their boilers inspected annually

d) A Violation designation for HPD Code Enforcement Violations

6) What is the fee for payable to DHCR for annual Rent Registrations?

a) $13.00

b) $10.00 per apartment

c) None

d) 2% of the rent

7) In Rent Stabilized buildings, how much security deposit can you collect from a tenant?

a) First & Last month's rent

b) Up to 6 months

c) One month

d) As much as the Landlord and tenant agree to

8) If you have a building with over 6 units, when a tenant gives you a security deposit, where must you keep the money?

a) Checking account for the building

b) Owner’s personal account

c) Interest Bearing Savings account for the building

d) Separate escrow account

9) What forms must a Landlord file for Rent Controlled tenants?

a) MCR

b) None - as long as he or she does not collect Fuel Cost Adjustments

c) FCA's when the price of fuel goes up

d) Annual DHCR Rent Registrations

10) What forms must the Landlord serve on tenants by January 15th of each year?

a) Lead Paint Notice

b) Sanitation Recycling Notice

c) Window Guard Notice

d) Both a & c


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Answers: 1) - a; 2) - c; 3) - b; 4) - d; 5) - c; 6) - c; 7) - c; 8) - d; 9) - b; 10) - d